TEDxEugene : Coming Soon!

I am very pleased to announce that I have been granted a license to hold TEDxEugene. The theme for the event is “Change, Adaptation, Grace, and Redemption.”

I am currently in the very early stages of planning the event, looking at venues, and recruiting a solid team to help with the event, speakers, as well as sponsors.

If you are interested in becoming part of the TEDxEugene team, please email me at appleby@gmail.com !

UO Student Brought Up on Five Violations of Student Conduct Code For Yelling “I Hit It First”

You can read the Register Guard story here:


Or, you can read the The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education story here:


I think for people that have been uninformed about my case and the trials and travails that I have endured in the effort to clear my name….. Or, better yet, for individuals who might not know me at all and their only relationship with me is a defamatory, fabricated, and false article published about me by the Daily Emerald….This new case provides a good example of just how out of control the University’s Student Conduct system operates.

Probably similar to this student, I thought that there would simply be no way that given the facts that anyone would think that I had done anything wrong. I only found out later that the University’s system wasn’t one of Justice, but rather a system of kangaroo courts where 100% of people brought up on student conduct charges are eventually found responsible for violating the conduct code.

Unfortunately, while I had hoped that my case would lead to some reforms in the UO’s student conduct process that would both better protect accused students as well as victims and survivors; Instead, what we continue to see is a system where both the accused as well as survivors and victims are railroaded by bureaucracy and have their rights trampled upon.